Writing While Driving

 I’ve discovered that writing doesn’t just happen when seated in front of my computer.

It happens when I’m washing dishes, folding laundry, putting almond butter on toast or best of all … when I’m driving. This weekend, I spent a lot  time heading out to parks, museums and the beach with my son in tow and music on the radio. Both of us enjoying the drive, me with my coffee and he with his sippy cup of water.

 I found myself mulling over ideas on my Work-In-Progess and had some great ideas pop up all while I was driving  to my different destinations.


Writing is a journey and the simmering part can be just as important part as the writing itself.  Sometimes it’s during the simmering that characters freely chatter, make funny quips and lead me toward their path in the story.  I find myself laughing or even talking out loud (yes, i look nuts)  while I work through a scene and it moves my story along or even in a new direction. .

It’s always an experience. And this was a good weekend for simmering, lots of creative ideas cooking in my mind that I am excited to get to this week!

What about you? What’s your process?


  1. Francine LaSala says:

    My process is about 10 percent typing, 90 percent walking, driving, making dinner, doing housework, talking to others (sorry, yes, I’m listening for dialog when I chat with you–I hate chatting), showering, and sleeping. Great post!

  2. Driving and in the shower is so my process! And talking to YOU of course! Love your stie BTW it’s so stinkin cute!

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