What’s Cooking in my Kitchen!

I moved the last month. New place, New year, New stuff. You know how it goes.

Which also  means I am distracted with home decor, organizing and weekly trips to Home Goods, Cost Plus and the local Vintage Mart, so much so  I am delayed in “real work” stuff! (apologies to my editor in advance!)

I don’t know about you, but moving can be hard.

Especially when it changes everything about your world. I moved 9 miles away from my old place, but it feels like a 100 miles away. I have to shop at a new supermarket, find a dry cleaners, discover new running routes, new doughnut shop, coffee spots and parks for me and my son to head out to over the weekend.



Yeah, moving can make you frazzled, because it’s not just new digs. It feels like a whole new chapter in your life, which can be scary and exciting.

This is why I know I am nesting with all the decorating, baking and cooking I’ve been doing. Moving has thrown me off my routine, which can often be a good thing, but also can make you feel lost. For a while, anyway.  Last night, after tucking in my little guy, I popped some popcorn, watched a few episodes of  Breaking Bad, Season 3 (love you Jesse!) and looked around at my new place that will hopefully soon feel like home.

I’m always on the hunt for great new recipes, so go ahead and  take a look at my Pinterest page and see What’s Cooking in my Kitchen!

Up next in my kitchen:  Cheesecake in A Jar recipe from Thistlewood Farm. Gorgeous!






  1. So when is cheesecake night?

  2. Oh my gosh, how did I miss this post? Yes, moving is such a huge ordeal. As you know, I did a big move (15 miles!) in October and I am still finding my way. But keep in mind, change is good! And home will always be wherever you and your little guy end up. 🙂

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