My Sweet Valley past

The Sweet Life #1: An E-SerialBefore I found chicklit.  There was Sweet Valley High.

You have no idea how many Saturday’s I spent sitting on the couch reading and taking interval breaks to roller skate and eat peaches.  Just ask my sisters, they made sure to torture me, completely baffled by my ability to read quietly for hours.

But nothing could tear me away from The Wakefield twins.

I outgrew them eventually, heading to the big girl section of the bookstores, even took up reading some of my dad’s Jackie Collin’s books and enjoyed The Bitch.  Now that was a departure from my innocent days in good old Sweet Valley.

I just saw a link of Frugal e-reader that alerted me Francine Pascal is releasing a series of novella’s starting July 15th.    Looks like my favorite twins are coming back. Older, wiser, married and with child!!!

Well, well, well.  Looks like we’ve all been busy the last 10 years, including Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield.  I am looking forward to the new novella’s, a nice way to spend some summer reading time, just like  I  used to when I was 12.

Minus the annoying sisters,  who now  just call me and take me out to lunch to distract me from reading!