This week I’ve decided to give the kitchen table here at EAT~WRITE~LOVE over to a few authors & bakers who know a thing or two about romance  and, er… dessert. Grab a coffee and  join us everyday this week and get inspired as I combine my two loves: baking and Chick Lit.



I was lucky enough last week to spend an afternoon with a handful of bloggers from MomsLA.com for my very first book club for HEARTBREAK CAKE. I was nervous (terrified) as you can imagine, but also really excited to hear from readers who wanted to chat about my book (awesome!)

I had been coordinating for a few weeks with editor Sarah Auerswald and she had briefly mentioned getting a heart-shaped cake for the event.

Cake? No problem, I thought. When it comes to cake, I know exactly who to call.

Tasha Sanchez and her business partner Melanie Johnstone are the women behind Los Angeles based Hers Bakery, an indie catering company with a focus on sweet desserts.  I gave  Tasha some details on the cake  that was inspired from one in my book and she said “I got this.”

Boy, she wasn’t kidding.

On the day of the book event, no one could stop taking pictures of the cake or saying how amazing it tasted.  Moist, sweet but not overly sweet, just the right amount of crunchy hazelnuts and an undertone of Nutella that made  you heady with happiness. Seconds were a must.



  I had a quick chat with Tasha, who is a busy mom of two, and while she wouldn’t give me the secret to how she makes such a moist cake, seeing as it’s an industry hazard. She did give me a  peek into some of the steps she took to make this baking beauty.

How did you make this glorious cake? Tasha: LOL! I started with our  lovely chocolate cake recipe, baked three layers in a heart-shaped pan.  I made a chocolate and Nutella buttecream and garnished it with crushed hazelnut candies on the edge.

It was epic, thank you! Is this a popular cake for Hers Bakery?  I made it for the first time a few months ago for a wedding and it was delicious! I was hoping I could make it again soon.

So do you think chocolate and hazelnuts are good for heartbreak? Anything with chocolate is good! Add nuts and it is even better, you can’t mess with a good chocolate and hazelnut cake, it can handle anything!

Thanks to Tasha and to everyone at Hers Bakery for making this beautiful cake!  And thanks to MomsLA.com and all the amazing bloggers who came out for lunch for some book talk + cake!

RECREATE THIS CAKE: Recipe from Kitchen Daily.

It’s a Novel!

The week before I gave birth to my son,  I found myself worrying relentlessly about what would happen after he arrived.

Would I be a good mom?

Will I ever figure out how to swaddle?

How will I juggle being a mom and a career woman?

The truth is the minute I saw his smushy little face, all of those worries and questions just disappeared as we all began to make our way to our new lives as becoming a little family.

As I get closer to the publication date of my forthcoming novel HEARTBREAK CAKE, I’ve been thinking a lot about the process of starting to write a book and actually finishing it, going through edits and now coming up on finally having it published. It feels a lot like I’m giving birth to another baby, just this time it’s in e-book format!





It was not easy trying to finish the book after my son was born.

I was a nervous new mom, but I was also still a writer. A writer who had made a commitment to meet a personal deadline and  even though I knew it would be a lot easier to  stop writing. I knew I couldn’t.  Truthfully a lot of things went ignored to keep going, mainly laundry, dishes, sleep and a lot of personal time. Any moments I wasn’t spending with my son or at work, I was writing. I would write in front of the television, write while he was napping, write when I was eating , write at work, write on my breaks and when my son’s father forced me to take ME TIME, I’d head to my favorite coffeehouse and just keep writing.

There’s a lot to writing a book, it ain’t over after THE END, which is what I discovered after I submitted it to my publisher.  The end is actually just the beginning.

But now that I’m a little over a week away from publication, I am so happy  I stuck to my guns and got it done.

My son just turned 2, he loves hot chocolate and Belgian Waffles. And I can finally say that HEARTBREAK CAKE is being officially released on November 15th.  It took a while from start to finish, but here we are.

Make sure to head over to my Facebook page to stay informed on any new updates and release information. I have lots to do with an upcoming book blog tour hosted by Fictionella and I’m  putting together a  Los Angeles book signing event at my sisters home decor shop Boho Upcycle.

Looking forward to show everyone my new baby!   It’s a novel!

If you have any questions on HEARTBREAK CAKE, feel free to email me at paprgrrl@gmail.com