It’s a Novel!

The week before I gave birth to my son,  I found myself worrying relentlessly about what would happen after he arrived.

Would I be a good mom?

Will I ever figure out how to swaddle?

How will I juggle being a mom and a career woman?

The truth is the minute I saw his smushy little face, all of those worries and questions just disappeared as we all began to make our way to our new lives as becoming a little family.

As I get closer to the publication date of my forthcoming novel HEARTBREAK CAKE, I’ve been thinking a lot about the process of starting to write a book and actually finishing it, going through edits and now coming up on finally having it published. It feels a lot like I’m giving birth to another baby, just this time it’s in e-book format!





It was not easy trying to finish the book after my son was born.

I was a nervous new mom, but I was also still a writer. A writer who had made a commitment to meet a personal deadline and  even though I knew it would be a lot easier to  stop writing. I knew I couldn’t.  Truthfully a lot of things went ignored to keep going, mainly laundry, dishes, sleep and a lot of personal time. Any moments I wasn’t spending with my son or at work, I was writing. I would write in front of the television, write while he was napping, write when I was eating , write at work, write on my breaks and when my son’s father forced me to take ME TIME, I’d head to my favorite coffeehouse and just keep writing.

There’s a lot to writing a book, it ain’t over after THE END, which is what I discovered after I submitted it to my publisher.  The end is actually just the beginning.

But now that I’m a little over a week away from publication, I am so happy  I stuck to my guns and got it done.

My son just turned 2, he loves hot chocolate and Belgian Waffles. And I can finally say that HEARTBREAK CAKE is being officially released on November 15th.  It took a while from start to finish, but here we are.

Make sure to head over to my Facebook page to stay informed on any new updates and release information. I have lots to do with an upcoming book blog tour hosted by Fictionella and I’m  putting together a  Los Angeles book signing event at my sisters home decor shop Boho Upcycle.

Looking forward to show everyone my new baby!   It’s a novel!

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