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In my previous life – 30-something-ish years B.G (Before Greyson) I had mastered the art of living well.

As a food journalist, I was often out with friends or publicists trying out the new hotspots in town.  A pizette with a glass of wine at a new Italian restaurant, testing out strawberry handpies, drinking my way through cantina’s in search of the best margarita in Los Angeles and  lingering Sunday brunches with banana walnut waffles and heaps of whip cream.

It was a tough life I tell ya. A tough, tough, life.

But becoming a mom changed everything. Or a lot of me really. And while I’m not about to become a mommyblogger, because I have no  idea what I am doing enough to write about it! My  life has undisputedly changed and I’ve had to restructure my life and writing life to follow suit.

This is my updated website, a medley of everything that makes up my current  life: my little family, food writing, learning to be a great mom, baking, books, and my foray in chicklit writing. The  debut of my first novel  HEARTBREAK CAKE is  slated to come out in Summer 2013 and I’m cherry-on-top excited!

And while I’m not planning on writing about the trials and tribulations of motherhood, I can  promise I am not above shamelessly pimping my adorable son. I just can’t help myself and that is one of the surprises of motherhood.

Suddenly those “My kid is an honor student at Eagle Rock Elementary School” bumper stickers don’t seem so dorky anymore. Although  mom jeans still do, thank heavens for that.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi, Cindy! I just found your blog through FB and the Sadie Olive blog. Sarah recently re~designed my blog, too. Isn’t she talented? Yours looks fantastic and I look forward to following along on your adventures. My kids are “somewhat” grown, so I have a semi mommy blog…you never outgrow that or being incredibly proud of your children. I like to write about the chapters in my life, even those carefree days B.C. (before Children)! Thankfully, even though our priorities and goals shift after having kids, we still stay true to ourselves. My girls love that I wear skinny jeans and borrow their earrings. They get into my make up and perfume. They confide in me about their boyfriends/girlfriends and I tell them about my dreams to write a book of short stories. Yep, you’re in for the long haul…enjoy!


    • Thanks for your kind note Jane! Your blog is great too and I love what Sadie has done. She’s wonderful! By the way, love all of your cool projects, that side table you just refurbished is amazing! Very much my favorite style. Your family is lovely!

      Please stay in touch and look forward to reading more about you and your musings. Many thanks Jane!



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