LOVE: Indie Movies for the RomCom Fix

I love a good romantic comedy. Just hits me right in the warm & fuzzy part of my heart, especially when I add  popcorn, glass of wine and a box of Goobers.   I’m pretty much at maximum joy capacity.

These days, motherhood has made going to the movies low on my priority list.  Free time  means  laundry, writing, dinner with friends or a shower that doesn’t include a toddler coming in and asking me what I’m doing and when I’ll be done.  Sigh.


Movie time has become something I do at home thanks to  Netflix, Amazon  and iTunes, but I have to admit that the romantic comedy selection has been feeling a little sparse.There doesn’t seem to be a lot out there for that can rival  my list of personal favorites:  40-Year-Old Virgin, Love Actually, The Cutting Edge, Gross Pointe Blank, The Holiday, Some Kind of Wonderful, The Thing Called Love, Sleepless in Seattle.

You know, the gold standards.



I’ve been ignoring the chatter that much like Chick Lit the  interest in romantic comedies is dead. That’s just silly talk. Check out this article from NPR written in March, 2013: Are Romantic Comedies Dead.

I’ll never give up on a great romantic comedy, I will stop watching a bad one, but give me a well-made, smart and genuine romantic comedy and I’ll give you my $20 for a price of admission and $40 for snacks and what not!

The lack of quality supply and my own personal demand has forced me to explore  other avenues for getting my romantic comedy  fix.  I’ve stumbled into some really great independents that have the spirit of a fuzzy romance with a streak of irreverence that I adore.

Check out these three smart independents that have made movie-watching fun again. Or maybe it’s the wine & Goobers … (oh never mind :))


1. If you like When Harry Met Sally you will like Friends with Kids, this is a  smart, fun and thoughtful comedy that has an interesting angle on friends who get involved. Kinda. They have a baby and promise to keep things platonic and  then chaos ensues. You know how that goes! Really loved this movie and it doesn’t hurt that my boy crush Adam Scott is the hero in this movie.


2. Take This Waltz appeared on my Netflix because they seem to know I am a sucker for romances. Well, after weeks of skipping it, I finally pressed play and was completely engrossed for two hours. If you like Bridges of Madison of County, this could be an interesting alternative for you! Michelle Williams is awesome and Seth Rogen is still goofy, but endearing. Canadian actor, Luke Kirby is a stone cold fox.  Add it to your Netflix!

takethiswaltz3. Safety Not Guaranteed was an unsuspecting sweetheart of movie that really brings it home that there is “a pot for every lid.” Thought this was a great movie, with a great cast, love Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass and Jake Johnson. And guess what? Despite the smart deliveries, the sarcastic zingers and Aubrey Plaza’s well-known deadpan delivery, this movie is all about the Happily Ever After.



  1. Thanks for sharing this! These all sound great. And it looks like RomComs are going indie just like Chick Lit did…Never fear. It will survive!

    • Thanks Lucie! I was thinking the same thing while I was writing the post! Looks like Indie’s are doing a great job of creating some great movies, much like indie publishing!

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