Holiday Hottie in August

It’s been Christmas in my world. I’ve been working on a short story for Simon And Fig and have been dreaming about pies, mistletoe and good-looking heroes who make my leading ladies get a little moony.

I don’t always use celebrities for inspiration, but admittedly  I have a bit of a crush on actor Mark Duplass and he has definitely been on my mind while I’ve been writing. I first spotted him as a sexy new age doctor on The Mindy Project and then watched him in the movie “Your Sister’s Sister’s.  And if you will allow me to be 14 for a moment, “he is soooo hot!’


Mark Duplass


Its like my Jason Batemen in  Silver Spoons crush all over again.  Swoooon!

Enjoy the eye candy and don’t forget to look for the Winter Anthology scheduled to release this holiday season, maybe you’ll be able to see some of my inspiration.  Also, stay tuned for more information on my forthcoming novel Heartbreak Cake and it’s release date.


2005 Sundance Film Festival - "The Puffy Chair" Portraits

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