They’ve Arrived!

I love my Kindle.

I was resistant at first, swearing that I could never give up the feel of a paperback in my hands. You see I was a newspaper woman, someone who still loved to read the news and hear the crinkle of paper as I turned the page. I would never switch! Ever.

Welllll, I got a Kindle for Christmas from my dad a few years ago and I was smitten. I mean, here was a portable, electric book that carried all my books and made it impossibly easy to buy any book I wanted, when I wanted it.  Instant gratification was one-click-away and it’s a beautiful  (and dangerous) thing for the shopaholic book nerd.

But boy is there something about a paperback that just makes you feel that special, warm and fuzzy feeling inside! I just picked up a box of books from my publisher Simon & Fig and I am thrilled to finally hold HEARTBREAK CAKE in my hands.


If you live in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, paperbacks will be available at a location near you. I will be adding a Where to Buy tab in the next week, so please stay tuned.

Don’t forget, I have bookmarks that I’d be happy to send if you email me me at Thanks! Happy Saturday!