Fa La La!


I made my first pumpkin pie of the season on Monday.

This to me is the proverbial  gun shot of the beginning of the holiday season.

BANG! It’s on.

And I am excited! I’m 100 percent a holiday person, which usually means I annoy some people. I “tis the season”, I like to “fa la la” quite a bit! It’s just such a fun time of the year, if you can remove yourself from all of the shopping and high expectation that also come from the season, then you can really whoop it up.

Last year I wrote a short story for The Chicklit Bee called “Love and Christmas Cookies.”  I had so much fun writing about baking, romance and Christmas. The backdrop and neighborhood in my short story is Naples, CA , a subcity of Long Beach, that has an annual Naples Christmas Boat Parade. The parade is really  beautiful and magical and combines the beauty of the season with the backdrop of California. It’s such a great place to fall in love, if that’s what’s on the agenda.

Right now, I’m busy finishing up the last chapters of Heartbreak Cake and I’m also putting together my top 5 baked goodies that I want to bake this holiday season. Nothing gets me al fired up and inspired to write then a good cup of coffee and an awesome slice of sweet heaven. Here’s to finishing up the book and baking up a storm with my favorite little guy.

Here’s my list of must-bakes. What about you?

1. Eggnog Muffins

2. Brown Sugar Shortbreads: A Holiday Favorite of Mine

3. Chocolate Cake: A Holiday Birthday Cake idea

4. Pumpkin Poke Cake:  Revising with a cream cheese frosting.

5. Sugar Cookies: Christmas Cut outs